Authentic Sea Glass Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry is carefully hand-crafted with authentic sea glass found along the Texas coast, with most being found here at home in Rockport, TX.

Sea glass is a considered a "reverse gem". All glass comes from man-made glass bottles and other objects. It is then refined by nature and polished to a beautiful smooth and frosty finish.

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How Rare is Rare?

These precious "reverse gems" come in nearly every shade imaginable. When you think of a common color, think of the glass bottles you see on store shelves. Mostly green, brown, or clear bottles. The likelihood of finding colors such as purple or yellow is extremely slim. The Glass Mermaid makes jewelry in the colors available as they are found.

Every piece of jewelry and glass is extremely unique and special. Once they are gone...they're gone.

Beautiful Statement Necklaces

Wow the crowd with gorgeous & one-of-a-kind sea glass pieces. This beautiful boho necklace is an absolute stunner!

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Rare Sea Glass

One of the hardest colors to find is yellow! Check out the entire collection of yellow sea glass.

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Unique Finds

Sea glass isn't the only option here. Check out the coral jewelry collection! These pieces are incredibly hard to find and are very special.

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Handmade in Rockport, TX

Each piece you see is hand cultivated and carefully made with 100% authentic sea glass.

The Bone Collection

  • Alligator Gar Scales

    A unique find on the waters edge that turned into a pretty cool piece of jewelry.

  • Decoupaged Skulls

    This big beauty is definitely an eye catcher. Very large hog skull decorated in a floral motif with a gold painted edging. Securely mounted to base. Hand painted edging, as well as hand painted and distressed wooden base. All covered in a glossy finish.

  • Moon & Stars Coyote Teeth Earrings

    Somethings may seem a little weird but turn out so beautiful. Made from humanely aquired coyote teeth.

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